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How everything started?

Started with a dream

Beauzart3 before everything is a dream,

A dream that has became a promise.

A promise that will evolve into an adventure,

Frome Africa to France,

From France to Australia,

Without forgetting the adventures in Asia.

A story that started at the age of 6, 

to be officially launched at 25.

Adison Makodi the founder gave himself the time to live, to learn and to build a team.

The click? A conversation during his childhood with his mother,

about building opportunities in order to be free.


This idea, desire and goal

Is the spine of the House Beauzart3

Adison Makodi
logo couleur brisé beauzart3


The Motto

Free to think, free to move, free to do

To be yourself, to dress as you want, being free to dream.


Why this name? 

It's a reference to the famous Parisian Art school

"Les Beaux-Arts"

Because what represent more freedom than art?

What's more inspiring? 

Why the "3"

Sometimes you need to remove all the barriers that might be between us in order to feel free.

B          EAUZART          3


Per fas et nefas


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